Publication Charges

JLT provides authors with two publication options following the hybrid open access publication model:

  • Open-access publishing: Here, authors pay one-time publication charges, which make their paper accessible free-of-charge to anybody with an Internet connection (such as used by OSA's OpticsExpress or the IEEE Photonics Journal).​

Open access charges are as follows:

  • $1,487.50 per article up to 7 pages (includes 15% discount for IEEE Sponsoring Society Members)
  • $1662.50 per article up to 7 pages (5% discount for IEEE Members)
  • $1,750 per article up to 7 pages (undiscounted base rate)
  • Overlength page charges: $260.00 per page in excess of 7 pages
  • Traditional subscriber-based publishing: Here, authors pay voluntary page charges of $110.00 per page up to 7 pages. A mandatory fee of $260.00 applies to every page in excess of 7 pages. IEEE and OSA make the papers available through individual or library-based subscription services through IEEEXplore and OpticsInfobase.

Note that due to its denser typesetting, one JLT page is equivalent, on average, to about 1.6 pages in other open-access journals such as the IEEE Photonics Journal or OSA’s Optics Express

Applicable taxes will be added to all Open Access, Overlength ,Voluntary page charges as well as reprint orders at time of processing for bill to addresses in Canada and in all European Union countries. Bill to customers who are VAT registered in European Union countries will not have tax added when they provide their VAT registration number.