Journal of Lightwave Technology Paper Award

This award is given annually by the Journal’s Steering and Coordinating Committee to the top-cited original papers published in the Journal two to three years prior to the award. As such, the award given in 2017 takes into account all original papers published in the Journal of Lightwave Technology in 2015. A variety of citation metrics and databases are used by the Committee to determine the winner.

The winning papers of the Journal of Lightwave Technology’s 2015 Paper Award are:

"Replacing the Soft-Decision FEC Limit Paradigm in the Design of Optical Communication Systems"

by Alvarado, Alex; Agrell, Erik; Lavery, Domanic; Maher, Robert; Bayvel, Polina


"VCSEL-Based Interconnects for Current and Future Data Centers"

by Tatum, Jim A.; Gazula, Deepa; Graham, Luke A.; Guenter, James K.; Johnson, Ralph H.; King, Jonathan; Kocot, Chris; Landry, Gary D.; Lyubomirsky, Ilya; MacInnes, Andrew N.; Shaw, Edward M.; Balemarthy, Kasyapa; Shubochkin, Roman; Vaidya, Durgesh; Yan, Man; Tang, Frederick

Congratulations to the winners!

The winning paper of 2014 was:

Monolithic Silicon Integration of Scaled Photonic Switch Fabrics, CMOS Logic, and Device Driver Circuits

by B. G. Lee, A. V. Rylyakov, W. M. Green, S. Assefa, C. W. Baks, R. Rimolo-Donadio, D. M. Kuchta, M. H. Khater, T. Barwicz, C. Reinholm, E. Kiewra, S. M. Shank, S. L. Schow, and Y. A. Vlasov

The winning paper of 2013 was:

Time- and Wavelength-Division Multiplexed Passive Optical Network (TWDM-PON) for Next-Generation PON Stage 2 (NG-PON2)

by Luo, Yuanqiu; Zhou, Xiaoping; Effenberger, Frank; Yan, Xuejin; Peng, Guikai; Qian, Yinbo; Ma, Yiran

The winning papers of 2012 were:

Mode-Division Multiplexing Over 96 km of Few-Mode Fiber Using Co-herent 6x6 MIMO Processing

by R. Ryf, S. Randel, A. Gnauck, C. Bolle, A. Sierra, S. Mumtaz, M. Esmaeelpour, E. Burrows, R. Essiambre, P. Winzer, D. Peckham, A. McCurdy, and R. Lingle, Jr.

Modeling of the Impact of Nonlinear Propagation Effects in Uncompen-sated Optical Coherent Transmission Links

by A. Carena, V. Curri, G. Bosco, P. Poggiolini, and F. Forghieri.

The winning papers of 2011 were:

Elastic Bandwidth Allocation in Flexible OFDM-Based Optical Networks

by K. Christodoulopoulos, I. Tomkos, and E. A. Varvarigos.

On the Performance of Nyquist-WDM Terabit Superchannels Based on PM-BPSK, PM-QPSK, PM-8QAM or PM-16QAM Subcarriers

by G. Bosco, V. Curri, A. Carena, P. Poggiolini, and F. Forghieri.